Baintech Wireless Connect - Eliminate Difficult Wiring Through the Firewall

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Bainbridge Technologies launch all new radio frequency transmitter and receiver pair that minimises installation times by eliminating harnessing issues through firewalls and other hard to reach installation points.

The Baintech Wireless Connect uses a compact sender and receiver box to communicate wirelessly through radio frequency. Each RF pair has its own unique ID so there’s no risk of interference.

Compromising a vehicles firewall with harnessing can lead to complications such as water, dust, and noise ingress. Bainbridge Technologies have partnered with an Australian owned manufacturing company to bring this exciting product into the auto electrical market. Delivered as a complete solution, the Baintech Wireless Connect includes: 4-way switch panel, 6-way fuse block, and the radio frequency transmitter and receiver pair.

With a working range of up to 20 meters, the Baintech Wireless Connect is designed for a wide range of automotive applications, including: 4WDs, emergency vehicles, and boats. Engineered to be discreet, waterproof, and provide wireless connectivity to switch accessories.

Designed with safety in mind, the Baintech Wireless Connect can be connected to a canopy buzzer (audible safety alarm). By installing a canopy buzzer, the transmitter communicates wirelessly to the receiver when the key is turned in the ignition - activating an audible alarm to notify the driver that the door or canopy isn’t closed.

-Compact + lightweight
-Easy to mount
-4x switch channels
-Wireless - prevents compromising dust/water/noise seals of the firewall
-Waterproof (excludes additional connections)
-Each pair has unique ID so there’s no risk of interference
-Can be doubled to provide 8x channels (by paralleling 2x pairs)

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Baintech Wireless Connect diagrams specifications

Baintech Wireless Connect diagrams specifications2

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