The VCR that keeps your good times going off the beaten track

If your good times involve hardcore adventuring and long-haul off road journeys, you know you need a durable and reliable dual battery system. And your dual battery system needs a tough brick of a VCR so you can get from Bega to Bamaga, and everywhere in between, with complete peace of mind. Baintech’s 160 amp VCR does the job!

It’s powerful (160 amp continuous operation); it’s tough (designed to be waterproof, fully self contained and dust proof); and it’s versatile (it can start your 4WD from your auxiliary battery). From running your electric winch, to keeping your 12v fridge icy cold and maintaining your auxiliary battery to take over when you need it, the Baintech VCR 160 is designed to help power up the toughest, bumpiest, wettest, most power consuming adventures. To top it off, The Baintech VCR 160 is virtually foolproof to DIY install and conveniently sized to neatly fit into engine bays. It’s the 4WDer’s dream VCR.

So when it is time to make a mile. Wire up your dual battery system with a rough and ready Baintech VCR 160, and leave all your battery failure worries behind.

Find out how it can save you stress and money powering your off road adventures By watching our video below:

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