Too many devices, not enough sockets?

BAINTECH’s new dual DC Power Sockets solve the problem.

Bainbridge Technologies launched its range of BAINTECH Power Sockets in April this year, heralding in an era of dual socket convenience. No longer are RV adventurers limited to one or two single DC sockets to power the increasing number of appliances wanted on the road.

Fridges, lights, mobile phones, laptops, air pumps, portable DVD players, tire monitors, MP3 players, IPODS and more all compete for DC sockets in today’s RVs. With BAINTECH’s new dual DC Power Sockets, mobile adventurers can run two devices at once without having to install two separate sockets.

RV owners have growing needs for power sockets. BAINTECH’s new DC Power Sockets range has been developed with convenience in mind. Not only do the unique dual sockets provide a practical solution for DC power needs, they are also simple to install.

The BAINTECH range includes Dual Cigarette Lighter Sockets, Dual Merit Cigarette Lighter Sockets, Dual Engel Fridge Sockets, Dual T-Type (Clipsal) Sockets and a combination of Engel and Cigarette Sockets. All styles are also available in single sockets options. Sockets come with a flush mount or surface mount, and all mount housings are made from high grade PVC making them suitable for even the most extreme weather conditions.

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