Nothing kills the fun of a boating adventure more commonly – or faster – than dead batteries. Good times and safety are both at risk when you lose power on the water. That doesn’t mean you have to waste your time constantly checking your voltage, worrying about your charge or limiting your power usage, though. With the right power management system, you can enjoy stress-free boating no matter what your power requirements are.

Hassle-free power management for trailer boats
To ensure lasting fun and safety on the water, many trailer boats use dual battery power systems: a starter battery for the engine and a house battery to power accessories. Choosing the right batteries, making sure they are always optimally charged, and knowing how much power you are using, will add up to good times that aren’t cut short by dead batteries. A standard trailer boat power system – also suitable for most 4WDs – to give you all the power you need, when you need it, could include:

Peace-of-mind power management for large boats
Large boats have bigger, more complex power needs, but with the right power management system you won’t have to worry about keeping your bank of batteries or your many home-away-from-home accessories powered and charged. A typical large boat power system – also suitable for most RVs – to keep the good times going could include:

Enjoy the good times
Every boat has different power requirements, but with the right power management system you can enjoy your boating adventures stress-free. Bainbridge Technologies, your “Total Power Systems Experts” specialises in designing power systems that let boaters relax and enjoy the good times!

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