12V Tech Talk: The Power to Go

Equipping your 4WD with a dual battery system is one way to keep devices and appliances charged on the go, as our camping and touring set-ups become more power-hungry, but often dual battery systems aren’t enough for more than a night or two away. Thankfully, alternatives do exist and with today’s portable 12V power systems you can enjoy all the perks and features of 12V fridges, camp lighting and more without fear of draining your 4WD’s batteries.

Compact and portable, mini-systems give you the flexibility of being able to move them from vehicle to vehicle or from your 4WD straight to the campsite without compromising their ability to perform. In this way you get the best of both worlds; a dedicated on-board power source that will let you operate and charge all of your essential equipment when wheeling without running down your primary battery and an easy-to-transport power pack that will run your appliances and keep communication devices charged once you reach your destination. Power packs also work great in group situations since one is often all you’ll need to keep things running for you and your mates at the campsite.

Many of these modern power packs are easier to operate today than ever before since they come ready to use off the shelf and utilise simple plug-and-play functionality. The advanced design of systems like this also makes them a more environmentally friendly alternative. Compared to conventional options like portable generators, 12V power packs make no noise and emit zero emissions. Most portable systems make use of sealed batteries too, so there’s no risk of potentially threatening spills.

You’ll find that most modern portable systems, like the PowerTop from Baintech, support a variety of inputs (USB, Ciga, etc…) for connecting a range of different devices. Many will also accept a charge from a variety of sources, be it AC, DC, solar or mains power which adds another layer of adaptability to their innovative design. If you’re keen on the idea of a single unit with limitless power functions, have a look at what portable power systems are out there. Chances are you’ll be able to find the perfect off the shelf solution for all your off-road needs.

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