The Power is in your hand – literally!

Never has it been so convenient to charge a range of vehicles like your car, motorcycle, 4WD, ride-on mower, small boat and jet ski. Simply push a button on a portable battery charger so compact it fits in the palm of your hand, and you can power up a 6V or 12V battery or permanently keep it charged. That’s handy!

Bainbridge Technologies introduces the SINERGEX ‘Nitro’ Battery Charger. It’s simple and small, yet powerful enough to charge a variety of GEL, AGM, MF and Lead Acid batteries and intelligent enough to power up a depleted battery or to be used as a permanent maintenance charger.  

Andrew Smith, GM of Bainbridge Technologies, points out “This amazing new battery charger manages to combine power, flexibility, intelligence and affordability all into one compact little package.”

“It’s incredibly safe, too” Andrew adds. “It has anti-sparking connectors, over-heating temperature sensors, fuse-less short circuit protection and even reverse polarity protection.”

Available in a range of 1amp, 3.5amps and 6amps, the compact SINERGEX ‘Nitro’ Battery Charger is constructed of ultra tough ABS plastic and is IP65 weatherproof. So even though it’s small, it’s tough enough for all our extreme Australian weather conditions.

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