When you absolutely need to protect your good times!

The caravan or motorhome is packed. You’re filled with a sense of anticipation about your next adventure. Life on the road is terrific, but to guarantee the good times you must have absolute confidence in your batteries’ performance.

To keep your batteries in top shape, Bainbridge Technologies has released the powerful Keepower XL-Pro, a 30 amp 12v/24v charger. With it, you can relax knowing you won’t end up with a flat battery.


Absolute reliability!

This powerful European charger can recover deeply discharged batteries from as low as 0.4 volts using its Integrated Boosting System.

Absolute enjoyment!

The Keepower XL-Pro features a built-in flash light and a USB Port so you can charge and listen to music on your iPod or use your mobile. Technologically-advanced it even features a built-in battery tester, so you know if your batteries require charging.

Absolute protection!

Suitable for 3Ah to 600Ah batteries, this charger looks after your batteries. It has a temperature sensor, reverse polarity and overload protection. For ease of use, it comes with an adjustable support stand and hook free clamps. The XL-Pro also has a 5 year warranty for your peace of mind.

Take your next trip with absolute confidence. Watch our video to learn more about the Keepower XL-Pro.

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