The charger that helps you catch more fish!

If you’re like most keen freshwater fishermen out chasing Bass, your tinnie is kitted out with 2 motors: a petrol start motor and a Minn Kota, Watersnake or other electric motor. Many saltwater sports fishermen are also now equipping themselves with electric motors to give themselves a fishing edge. As you trawl around following the fish from one prime fishing spot to another, you’re faced with a dilemma – how can you keep your electronic motor powered up so you can stay out longer and can catch more fish?

The solution to safely staying out longer, avoiding dead batteries and reeling in a bigger load of fish is the Sterling Pro Charge B (DC to DC) Charger, distributed through Bainbridge Technologies. Here’s how it works:

Charge: The Sterling Pro Charge B quickly and efficiently charges your electric motor from your start motor while you’re on the water – no need to cut your fishing short to get to shore. This versatile charger is available in 12v – 12v, 12v – 24v and 12v – 36v.

Optimise: The Sterling Pro Charge B is an intelligent 4-step charger. It keeps your batteries in optimal condition as you maneuver around so your batteries last longer – and you don’t have to shell out for unnecessary replacement costs.

Conserve: You won’t be left stranded with the Sterling Pro Charge B; it’s astute enough to conserve adequate power in the battery of your outboard petrol motor to start your engine when you’re ready to go home.

Spend more time on the water; catch more fish; power up your next fishing trip with the Sterling Pro Charge B (DC to DC) Charger.

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Watch Bainbridge Technologies’ Sterling Pro Charge B (DC to DC) video below to learn more about it. To find your nearest stockist, visit the stockist page at

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