The BainTech Powertop uses the sun to power your adventures

Plan to stay in a sensational remote spot in your caravan or motorhome? If you enjoy the conveniences of home at your campsite, like lights, water pumps or power for your electronic devices, you need to think about your power needs well before you leave home. To enjoy the good times on your trip, you need more power. Plan well and you’ll avoid being stuck with a flat battery in an isolated location.

Experts in total power solutions; Bainbridge Technologies have introduced the Baintech PowerTop, a quality portable power system to deliver the power you need. It features a 12V 100Ah Gel Battery, built-in three-way charger and charging inputs for AC, DC and solar, so you’re free to charge anywhere, any time.

The PowerTop is an easy to use all-in-one system; you’ll be impressed by the PowerTop’s list of features that include:

Power from the Sun!

The PowerTop is a brilliant option if you have solar panels because it features an unregulated DC Supply Connection. That means you can set up a 12V PV panel to charge your batteries while you’re exploring during the day. When you come back to enjoy the evening campfire, your drinks will be cold and you’ll have power for your lights or to recharge your smartphone.

Five socket outlets

The PowerTop has a universal USB, Engel, Lockon and two Ciga sockets, so it’s ready to power anything from your laptop to your fridge. A 20A thermal self-resettable breaker protects these sockets, so safety is assured.

The Baintech LockOn socket also secures important loads to keep your plugs from vibrating out of the socket over rough or corrugated tracks; especially handy if you decide to power your fridge for a short trip!

Monitoring at a glance

The PowerTop features an LCD voltmeter with a LOW volt audio alarm and six LED power indicators.

Since the PowerTop is completely portable, it comes in handy when you’ve got mates that may be keen to borrow this compact, complete power system.

Built for tough conditions, the top of the unit is made from anodized aluminum. With no install or wiring required, the PowerTop comes with a 12 month warranty for your peace of mind.

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