That 12v cigarette dash outlet in your 4WD isn’t going to be enough to power up your mobile phone, your GPS and your IPOD when you’re on the road. It definitely won’t keep your power-hungry fridge running reliably enough to ensure you have icy cold bevvies to enjoy at the end of a hard days’ adventuring. Let’s face it, if you’ve only got that dash outlet, you’ll just need to cut back on the 12v appliances you take on your travels.

But there is a solution! Sleek, affordable and pre-wired so they’re virtually foolproof to self-install, Baintech Power Panels let you charge and power multiple 12v appliances when you take off on your 4WD adventure – so you don’t have to leave any of them at home!

Why are Baintech Power Panels perfectly suited for 4WD adventures?

Visit to learn more about Baintech Power Panels – the simple and affordable solution that will let you take more of your 12v toys with you on the road.

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