Take Off – and take all your favorite gear with you!

Taking off into the great outdoors in our caravans, campers and 4WDs isn’t as simple as it used to be. These days, we don’t want to go too far from home without our smart phones, IPODs, computers, tablet devices, fridges and lights. With the new, improved, all-on-one Baintech Universal Power Panel you can take off and take it all with you!

Surface mount and foolproof to DIY install, and The Baintech Universal Power Panel comes with a pre-terminated 1m cable and not only does it let you power up multiple devices, it also lets you manage your power usage (with an LCD backlit volt meter), protect your electronics (with fused circuit protection), safeguard your battery (with auto low voltage disconnect) and dig deep into your battery if you need to (with auto disconnect bypass). The Baintech Universal Power Panel is as rough and tough as any of your adventures, cased in hardy anodized aluminum to ensure it won’t rust.

Get the socket combination that’s right for you – 1 ciga + 2 merit sockets, or 1 ciga + 1 engel + 1 USB sockets, or 1 ciga + 1 merit + 1 USB sockets – and hit the road powered up with peace of mind.

Check out our YouTube video to see how easy the Baintech Universal Power Panel is to DIY install

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