Take charge of your dual battery system by installing an accurate, easy-to-use monitor

We’ve all had the same nightmare – you just get the camper trailer set-up when suddenly the unthinkable happens and your battery system goes flat. The last thing you want is for your holiday to be cut short unexpectedly, so the first thing you should equip your dual battery system with is a VICTRON Battery Monitor 602S from Bainbridge Technologies.

A dual battery system is a serious investment and unmonitored overuse can significantly shorten, or even end the life of batteries prematurely. The BMV602S is a precision monitoring device that can save you time and time again while on the road. Its powerful microprocessor and super-accurate shunt technology provide all the information necessary to analyse and manage the batteries in both your camper and your 4WD – and the best part is, it’s simple to use.

BMV602S fullinstallThe BMV602s displays the voltage of both batteries and can detect whether you’re running 12V, 24V, or 48V batteries. It also monitors what currents are going in and out of your auxiliary battery, displays the percentage of available energy left and also indicates the amount of time that your auxiliary battery can continue to support the current load before a recharge is necessary. The programmable alarm takes any guesswork out of battery monitoring; alerting you when over/under voltage reaches a level you’ve set to suit you. The BMV602S puts you in control. With it, you’ll never have to worry again about your batteries failing at the campsite, handling the load, or that your 4WD will start when it is time to head out.

The BMV602s is a complete kit that comes with everything you need to easily wire and install your monitor without requiring any additional components. Included is the battery monitor, optional bezel, 500A current shunt and the only two cables you’ll ever need to simply wire the unit.

DAVE online BMV602Queenslander Dave Ellis recently installed a BMV602S dual battery monitor and had this to say:

Dave said the Victron monitor takes the stress out of camping. He recently installed a black BMV602 in his 150 series Toyota Prado. He installed the head unit in the back next to his ARB fridge. He can now easily monitor his dual battery system, by opening the back door. Dave can now see the voltage of both batteries, observe the amperage flow in and out of his second battery, and find out how much time the batteries have to go. The audible alarm he’s set on the State of Charge can easily be heard inside the vehicle.

“The beauty of this monitor is it takes the stress out of camping. I replaced a straight voltage meter with the Victron monitor. Now, I don’t have to worry about my batteries going flat, I simply press a button and the monitor tells me how much power I have left, and how much time I have to go.

Dave extends his thanks to Nigel from TJM at Cooper’s Plains for his help with the 150 series Toyota Prado.

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