Solar panel

Create The Ultimate Free Camping Solar Set Up!

Let’s talk about what vanners most commonly get wrong when it comes to free-camping solar setups. It doesn’t matter whether you’re heading off on that dream around Australia trip, have a three month Top End escape panned or you’re just wanting to use your van more and visit your local […]

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Victron EasySolar

Bainbridge Technologies brings you seamless off grid EasySolar

From eucalyptus forest to sandy bays, Australia has a depth of unexplored beauty waiting for you to discover in your caravan, RV or boat. To enjoy the conveniences of home like boiling the kettle, having a steamy shower or a cold beer, when you travel, you need to get off […]

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12V Tech Talk: Use Solar to Jack up Your Power

In Australia using the sun to boost your available power is an easy option to keep your camp lights, shower pump, iPhone and other electronic devices fully-charged, especially if you are off grid.

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