Lithium Batteries

6 Advantages of Lithium Batteries you Need to Know

6 Reasons to Choose Lithium Batteries in your 4WD, Caravan, or Boat! Moving from traditional AGM batteries to Lithium Batteries present huge benefits for boaters. Less weight and drag, greater speed in your boat, plus an increase in fuel efficiency to name a few. REDUCE WEIGHT It can be up […]

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AMG6S Jump Starter

12V Tech Talk: Emergency Power Anywhere, Anytime

From a 4WD track or campsite to an outback gravel road, at Bainbridge Technologies we know the most frustrating and potentially dangerous situation to face is to have a flat cranking battery in any of your vehicles. Traditionally, a vehicle battery jump starter was a lead-acid battery with built in […]

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Sterling Power Battery Chemistry Module

Charge multiple battery chemistries at once with a Sterling new product!

Bainbridge Technologies has released the innovative new Sterling Power Battery Chemistry Module to transform the way you charge battery banks with different chemistries.

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Powerful Protection for the competitive edge

A New Level of Efficient Charging

With 11 different battery curves pre-programmed, it doesn’t matter what type of batteries you use to power your boat, the Sterling Pro Charge Ultra from Bainbridge Technologies is capable of delivering a new level of efficiency when it comes to keeping them up and running. With increased efficiency when compared […]

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Aquanautic PSP 12203

Marine charging confidence with quality, reliability and water protection

When you moor your boat and walk away, you need confidence that your charger will do its job – power your bilge pump if necessary so your boat doesn’t sink; keep your batteries in optimal condition so you don’t need to replace them prematurely; ensure your boat is ready to […]

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Sterling Power ProSport 5

Charge on with the waterproof Sterling Power Pro Sport 5!

The mission is straightforward – get out on the water and enjoy the good times. Don’t miss out on your fishing trip because you’re stranded at the boat ramp. Don’t be caught on the water with a flat battery. If your trailer boat is stored outdoors the robust Sterling Power […]

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Baintech Power Panel range

Connect with adventure: take more appliances on your next getaway

Do you plan to go camping on your next big adventure? It would be great to really rough it, but camping isn’t what it used to be. These days, when you take off in your 4WD, you need to power fridges, lights, GPS, smartphones, and perhaps even the kids’ iPods. […]

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Sterling Pro Charge B (DC to DC) Charger

The charger that helps you catch more fish!

If you’re like most keen freshwater fishermen out chasing Bass, your tinnie is kitted out with 2 motors: a petrol start motor and a Minn Kota, Watersnake or other electric motor. Many saltwater sports fishermen are also now equipping themselves with electric motors to give themselves a fishing edge. As […]

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Are you scared of the dark?

Of course not! But still, it’s good to know you’re not in the dark about the status of your power system; and, you’ve got to admit it’s comforting to know you won’t be left in the dark with flat batteries when you’re far off the beaten track! The Baintech Volt […]

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white range of ciga sockets

More modern

The newest trend in ciga sockets is the fresh, unobtrusive look of white. Designed to blend in against white coloured walls and panels in caravans, RVs, camper trailers and boats, white sockets are the newest ‘hot’ item for recreational vehicles. Bainbridge Technologies is keeping up with the times by adding […]

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