Baintech Glider

Smart Caravan Power Management Solution

Partnering with leading brands, the Baintech Glider includes batteries, PowerPlex® DSS (Digital Switching System), and bespoke wiring harness for a complete caravan management system. Utilising PowerPlex® digital switching technology, the central touchscreen allows users full control and monitoring of onboard features such as – lithium battery status, power consumption, lighting, […]

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New CTEK DC-DC Lithium (12V LiFEPO4) Charger

With Smart Alternator capability, and dedicated programs for all 12V lead-acid and lithium (12V LiFePO4) battery types Get off-grid with more power. Powering your fridge, lights, devices, and other entertainment devices can take some serious power! That’s why you’ll need to keep your auxiliary battery charged, and ready to go […]

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Solar panel

Create The Ultimate Free Camping Solar Set Up!

Let’s talk about what vanners most commonly get wrong when it comes to free-camping solar setups. It doesn’t matter whether you’re heading off on that dream around Australia trip, have a three month Top End escape panned or you’re just wanting to use your van more and visit your local […]

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Ask the experts 12V tech with Bainbridge Technologies

DUAL BATTERY POWER SOLUTIONS GO HEAD TO HEAD 12V POWER WITH BAINBRIDGE TECHNOLOGIES Your 4WD needs the power to match your adventures. A reliable power system gives you the freedom to set up camp how you like it and to be free from mains power. You can run your fridges, […]

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Hold the phone! Check out CTEK’s new CTX Battery Sense!

With CTX BATTERY SENSE, CTEK takes yet another pioneering step towards maximizing battery performance for its customers – once again bringing them the benefits of cutting edge technology. By keeping track of the battery’s health, the easy-to-use CTX BATTERY SENSE smart phone app and hardware will make life easier for […]

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D250S Dual DC-DC Smart Charger.

12V Tech Talk: Stay Charged To Go The Distance!

Do you like to camp in style with a 12v fridge in your 4WD? If that’s the case then you may have an auxiliary battery to keep your winches and lights running and those beers cold. But, be warned, the demands on the humble auxiliary battery are great and without […]

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BAINTECH powertop panel socket

12V Tech Talk: Easy Access To Your Power

When you’re off the grid, deciding which items get priority charging in your well-worn 12V dash outlet is a tough call. Are you pumping up the airbed while the kids want to charge their iPad? These days, there are plenty of options that make it easier (and less stressful) to […]

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Baintech PowerTop

The BainTech Powertop uses the sun to power your adventures

Plan to stay in a sensational remote spot in your caravan or motorhome? If you enjoy the conveniences of home at your campsite, like lights, water pumps or power for your electronic devices, you need to think about your power needs well before you leave home. To enjoy the good […]

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AMG6S Jump Starter

Bainbridge Technologies keeps you on the road with Jumpspower

If you’ve embarked on the journey of a lifetime, the last thing you need to ruin the trip in your RV or caravan is the frustrating and potentially dangerous situation of a flat cranking battery in any of your vehicles. Traditionally, a vehicle battery jump starter was a lead-acid battery […]

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AMG6S Jump Starter

12V Tech Talk: Emergency Power Anywhere, Anytime

From a 4WD track or campsite to an outback gravel road, at Bainbridge Technologies we know the most frustrating and potentially dangerous situation to face is to have a flat cranking battery in any of your vehicles. Traditionally, a vehicle battery jump starter was a lead-acid battery with built in […]

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