DC-DC Charging

On Board DC-DC Charging vs. In-built DC-DC Charging

If you want to maximise every inch of space in your 4WD build, then the Baintech 110Ah with 20A in-built DC DC charger is the solution for you. When you are going on a 4WD adventure with a couple of fellow campers onboard, space is a precious commodity. Two 110 […]

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Innovative Charging Technology from CTEK

Professional 60A charger with variable power supply incl. 12V LiFePO4 The CTEK PRO60 is an innovative and highly efficient 60A battery charger and power supply that’s designed to meet the demands of the modern workshop. With its cutting-edge design, advanced technology and state of the art features, it’s the perfect […]

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Baintech Glider

Smart Caravan Power Management Solution

Partnering with leading brands, the Baintech Glider includes batteries, PowerPlex® DSS (Digital Switching System), and bespoke wiring harness for a complete caravan management system. Utilising PowerPlex® digital switching technology, the central touchscreen allows users full control and monitoring of onboard features such as – lithium caravan battery status, power consumption, […]

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New CTEK DC-DC Lithium (12V LiFEPO4) Charger

With Smart Alternator capability, and dedicated programs for all 12V lead-acid and lithium (12V LiFePO4) battery types Get off-grid with more power. Powering your fridge, lights, devices, and other entertainment devices can take some serious power! That’s why you’ll need to keep your auxiliary battery charged, and ready to go […]

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Baintech Wireless Connect

Wireless Communication Eliminates the Need for Automotive Wiring Harnesses

WIRELESS COMMUNICATION ELIMINATES NEED FOR AUTOMOTIVE WIRING HARNESSES Bainbridge Technologies launch new radio frequency transmitter and receiver pair that minimises installation times by eliminating harnessing issues through firewalls and other hard to reach installation points The Baintech Wireless Connect uses a compact sender and receiver box to communicate wirelessly through […]

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4X4 Cranking Battery

Choosing the Right 4X4 Cranking Battery

Tough batteries for 4WDs and Trucks. New Battery Range for Baintech Not to be confused with an auxiliary battery – your starting battery or cranking battery is measured by Cold Cranking Amps (CCA) – which means the amount of power the battery can deliver to start your vehicles engine. The […]

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5 Reasons to own a Folding Solar Blanket

5 Reasons to own a Folding Solar Blanket

Because there is a growing number of Solar Blankets becoming available – it’s important to know what to look for in a quality solar blanket. The last thing you want is a failing power source when you’re out in the middle of a remote off-grid campsite! 5 Reasons to own […]

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Baintuff 180w solar blanket

Powering Your Fridge Off-Grid

12V TECH WITH BAINBRIDGE TECHNOLOGIES Gone are the days of the traditional eskies full of ice, and parents yelling at their kids to “Hurry up and shut the esky lid!”. With more 4wders and campers opting for 12v fridges, we’ve got the solutions to common problems 4wders face when it comes to […]

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Solar panel

Create The Ultimate Free Camping Solar Set Up!

Let’s talk about what vanners most commonly get wrong when it comes to free-camping solar setups. It doesn’t matter whether you’re heading off on that dream around Australia trip, have a three month Top End escape panned or you’re just wanting to use your van more and visit your local […]

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6 Way Switch Panel

Build A Power System For Your Next Off Road Adventure

12V TECH WITH BAINBRIDGE TECHNOLOGIES 4WDing and camping is changing – these days, it’s easier than ever to head bush with all the creature comforts of home. Whether you’re setting up your rig for the first time or you’re an expert 4WDer, having a hassle-free, enjoyable trip away is important […]

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