Supercharge your savings for more good times

What costs more: replacing dead batteries or keeping them in top condition? What takes more time: shopping for new batteries or charging ones you already have? What’s more stressful: suddenly being stranded with a dead battery or knowing the charge of your battery so you can plan ahead?

Bainbridge Technologies makes the answers crystal clear with the CTEK MXS10. Precision engineered with CTEK‘s ‘New Generation Technology’, this powerful, compact and amazingly affordable 12v charger delivers fully automatic 8-step charging. It’s theultimate all-in-one charger to conveniently unleash the power of your caravan, RV, boat, car or any of your 12V toys – so you can save for more good times.

Save money: Stop replacing dead batteries! Keep your batteries in great condition so they last longer, and even restore stratified and deeply discharged batteries!

Save time: Stop waiting! Get your batteries charged and ready to go faster than ever before.

Save frustration: Stop nasty dead-battery surprises! Diagnose batteries for their ability to receive and/or retain a charge and even identify end-of-life batteries before calamity strikes. With a 2 year warranty, reverse polarity protection, IP65 weatherproofing, short circuit protection and all the well known safety features of CTEK chargers, the CTEK MXS10 gives you total peace of mind.

The CTEK MXS10 delivers 10A to 12V batteries from 20–200Ah and is suitable for maintenance charging up to 300Ah. Power up your good times with all the savings of this powerful, versatile charger!

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