Supe up your power systems with CTEK

These days caravan trips are a family affair, parents, kids, the dog and all their electronic gear. People are increasingly taking more and more electronics with them when they travel, creating a demand for a more supped up power system. Installing a CTEK D250S Dual Smart Charger and a CTEK Smartpass Complete Management Unit into a caravan will give the batteries the ultimate in performance, power and lifespan. This impressive combination delivers the clout needed to simultaneously run heavy duty appliances like fridges, camp lights and water pumps, giving your customers peace of mind that they will have the power they need.

Let your customers charge while on the move: By charging your 12V batteries while you drive – using your alternator – the versatile CTEK D250S Dual DC-DC Smart Charger helps you break free from having to use AC power.

Give your customers the option of solar: With a built in solar regulator the CTEK D250S Dual can charge from solar panels while the vehicle is switched off, giving your customer access to renewable energy.

Give your customers more power, faster: The CTEK Smartpass Complete Power Management unit boosts alternator charge, achieving full capacity of your battery, minimising charge time to give you more power sooner. It has a charging current up to 80A for 12V batteries between 28-800Ah.

The CTEK Smartpass will even ensure your critical devices such as emergency lighting always function. When the voltage on the service battery is low, the CTEK Smartpass will protect the operation of critical appliances by disconnecting non-essential items until there is sufficient power to re-connect.

The CTEK D250S Dual DC-DC Smart Charger and CTEK Smartpass work together to charge batteries faster, maximise battery capacity and extend battery life, saving you time and money on repairs. From the bush to the beach, this winning combination gives your customers serious power for their next get away, where and when they need it, without having to depend on AC power.

Watch our video on how you can supe up your caravan power systems with a CTEK D250S Dual and Smartpass.

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