Stay plugged in no matter how tough the terrain with our BainTuff range

With more and more 4WDers venturing off the beaten track and driving through remote and rough terrains, we have recently launched a range of innovative products that ensures your appliances are more secure and protected than ever before. Bainbridge Technologies’ BainTuff range currently includes the BainTuff Metal Ciga Socket, BainTuff Metal Engel Socket and the BainTuff Metal Double USB Socket.

Specially built to take a beating, the robust and durable BainTuff range has been developed with 4WDers in mind so that you can continue to perform in the toughest Australian outdoors, keeping the good times rolling. The range caters for all your power needs and no matter how bumpy the ride, your plugs will remain connected when you pull into camp. With safety at the forefront of our design, the range prevents your sockets from shorting or sparking.

If you are anything like us, then when you head bush, you want to take all your mod cons with you. But not all USB sockets are equal and capable of charging your iPad, smartphone, laptop or even your pie cooker. A lot of dual USB sockets are sold as 3.1A, but be aware that they can in fact be made up of one 2.1A and the other 1A. One of the more powerful sockets on the market is the Baintuff Metal Double USB Socket. This innovative product, can withstand all the dirt and dust you can throw at it, with each USB socket capable of charging two iPad’s at once with 2.3A. With many people now taking along their Go Pros or Adventure Camping Go Pros, the Baintuff socket range assures you will never miss a moment of the action.

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