Stay connected in the great outdoors!

Do you need to stay connected? Are you constantly checking the battery status of your iPhone while enjoying the great outdoors? Can’t bear to be without your modern gadgets in your 4WD, camper trailer, caravan or boat? Don’t suffer battery drain! The new Baintech Universal USB Socket (Flush Mount) will keep your equipment charged – ready to use – when you’re on the go!

Most of your gadgets, like smartphones, digital cameras, MP3 players and other electronic devices are charged via a USB port. But, not all USB ports are created equal! Some laptop or in-car chargers aren’t capable of handling your iPad or tablet. The versatile Baintech Universal USB Socket is a 5V, 2.3A socket. It is so powerful that it can charge your iPad, tablets, phones, computers, cameras and children’s game systems while you enjoy the good times!

This easy-to-install, flush-mounted socket is extra safe with a 2A fuse to protect expensive electronic appliances from current fluctuation. It allows you to use your auxiliary battery as a power source to charge your appliances one after the other. With the Baintech Universal USB Socket you can break away from mains power and don’t have to rely on plugging adaptors into lighter sockets and trailing cables everywhere through your vehicle!

The Baintech Universal USB Socket will boost your battery power levels in your USB-charged appliances, anywhere, anytime.

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