Stay charged with the ultimate, affordable camper-trailer power system

Fridge. Lights. Shower. To enjoy the good times on your next get away, you need them all. But, how do you set up your camper trailer to meet your needs? Bainbridge Technologies have the answer with a power system that will keep your trailer charged-up and ready to go, so you can easily run your appliances when you’re away.

To avoid the inconvenience, cost and frustration of flat batteries, Bainbridge Technologies’ technical experts recommend the ultimate, affordable camper-trailer power system. Combine a 100 amp hour 12V lead acid battery, a Baintech Battery Box, a CTEK MXS10 battery charger and CTEK comfort indicator panel. Couple this with the Baintech Fuse Block and Baintech Triple Socket, and you’ll be ready for your next adventure.

Charge up! Use the CTEK MXS10 to charge and maintain your battery. An affordable, professional-grade charger, it uses smart technology to extend battery life. Simple to use, the CTEK MXS10 is a fully automatic eight-step charger that delivers 10A to 12V batteries from 20–200Ah and is suitable for maintenance charging up to 300Ah.

With its optional temperature sensor, the CTEK MXS10 prevents batteries overheating, saving your hard earned cash by extending battery life. The CTEK comfort indicator panel, which you can quickly connect and mount in your camper trailer, allows you to easily see your battery charge level. The CTEK MXS10 charger connects to a socket on the panel, making charging convenient, practical and straightforward. Don’t forget to protect your battery from the elements, keep it safe and secure in a Baintech Battery Box.

Plug in and power up! Choose a Baintech Triple Socket to suit your needs. Available in four socket combinations, you can choose from:

• 3 x ciga sockets
• 1 x engel with 2 x ciga sockets
• 1 x merit and 2 x ciga sockets
• 1 x LCD volt meter and 2 x ciga sockets.

Baintech Triple sockets are pre-wired for virtually fool proof self-installation, the all-in-one convenient housing keeps your plugs tidy and uses quality UV stabilised PVC so that it lasts for years to come. Coupled with the DIY Baintech DC Fuse Block, you can protect your gear and be assured of safe connectivity and protection to prevent shorting and fires for your peace of mind.

Watch our installation video and see how our ultimate, affordable, camping power set-up will keep your camper trailer charged-up and ready to go.

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