30 Second Solar Set Up

Watch Dave our QLD Sales Manager show us how easy it is to set up the Baintuff 180w Solar Blanket. The Solar Blanket is perfectly paired with the PowerTop to create a portable power system; with direct input via the red anderson input, plug the blanket directly into the PowerTop and it will supply up to 10A of reliable power to keep the PowerTop’s 100Ah gel battery charged. 

More and more Australians are using solar to recharge batteries when they’re on the move. It’s a smart choice since solar has a long lifespan, power generation is quiet, and its low maintenance compared to a generator.

Solar options for 4WDs (and camper trailers) include:

  • Hard or flexible fold out panels that can be moved around throughout the day to maximise sunstrike; they need to be stored, then set up and taken down every time you make and break camp, which might be too much effort at the end of a long drive
  • Solar blankets which are lightweight, compact and flexible enough to follow the sun. They’re also easier to set up and pack up, and kilo for kilo they have a higher power output than traditional folding panels

Getting the maximum power output from your system means thinking carefully about each stage of the set up, so remember:

  • The size and type of solar panels determines the initial energy being fed into the system
  • The charge controller moderates the flow of power to the battery. A simple ‘shunt controller’ will switch off after a pre-set voltage is reached. A maximum point power tracker (MPPT) makes the current taper off gradually and can mean a 10 to 20 percent power boost from one panel.
  • Batteries are rated on amp-hours; the higher the amp hours the more power can be stored.

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