Even in the cooler months Australia gets loads of sunshine. So it makes sense to harness the sun’s rays and power your off-road 4WD, camping, camper trailer, caravan and RV adventures for free all year round.

The benefits of solar are old news to anyone who loves the great outdoors, but Bainbridge Technologies have released an exciting new bit of solar kit designed to make life on the road that little bit easier.

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  1. the specs for the 180W model have an unfolded size of 398*300*78mm. I’m assuming this is the folded size. Can you pls confirm the width and length when the mat is unfolded? Also i want to put the mat on the inside of the windscreen for security etc, is there any problems or concerns with this approach?

  2. Hi Greg,
    Placing the blanket inside the vehicle behind the wind screen, though secure, would lose a lot of efficiency due to a poetntion visor shade, dirty/tinted windows, plus output loss due to temperature rise inside the vehicle. Panels drop in output when they get hot – The DC termination box and cable could also be effected due to the 60+ degree heat. The unfolded size is 1830mm in length, 775mm in width. Hope this helps!

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