Smart Caravan Power Management Solution

Partnering with leading brands, the Baintech Glider includes batteries, PowerPlex® DSS (Digital Switching System), and bespoke wiring harness for a complete caravan management system.

Utilising PowerPlex® digital switching technology, the central touchscreen allows users full control and monitoring of onboard features such as – lithium caravan battery status, power consumption, lighting, levelling, water pumps, steps, awnings, fridges and air compressors. The Baintech Glider System brings a new level of intuitive control, monitoring and digital switching to the caravan, 4WD and specialised vehicle industries.

“We are excited to roll out a completely integrated and smart power management solution that is both designed and supported in Australia. Partnering with leading brands our Baintech Glider solution has the capacity to evolve, adapt and change as new technology becomes available.” Said Bainbridge Technologies Business Development Manager, Darren Kennedy.

Smart Caravan Power Management Solution

Smart phones and tablets are fully integrated for wireless remote control and monitoring. With the addition of GPS function to protect the owner’s investment and provide security and real time visibility. Customers have full control via the on-board touchscreen, iBaintech Gliderntelligent pre-programmed master modes such as night mode and storage modes offer seamless operation and user convenience by automatically switching off any unnecessary lights and power loads relating to that mode.

Bainbridge Technologies says the Baintech Glider’s design will significantly benefit the manufacturing process. The node-based plug and play design simplifies wiring, integrates components and eliminates others to create efficient installs and improved productivity. Partnering with leading brands, Baintech brings together premium system components and support documentation for your next caravan install.

Bainbridge Technologies brings together more than 30 years of DC and AC power systems expertise and reliable, world class products to the Caravan, 4WD, Marine and specialised vehicle industries. For more information about the Baintech Glider and how you can integrate this bespoke electrical system into your next caravan build, contact:

Darren Kennedy, Business Development Manager

0439 212 058

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