Share your good times, worry-free, with pure power

These days, when you take off into the great outdoors you still want to stay connected 21st century style. You want to share your good times instantly – emailing photos, posting Facebook updates, uploading videos to YouTube and more – so your digital camera, your video camera and even your laptop come along on your adventures, too.

How can you be sure your sensitive, expensive ‘sharing’ equipment will be protected from power surges, short circuits, overheating and overload when you’re away from mains power? You need a reliable source of pure sine wave power.

Bainbridge Technologies’ SiNERGEX PureSine 150, 300 and 700 inverters use the latest microprocessor power to give you AC power as pure as mains power – even in the toughest outdoor environments. And SiNERGEX inverters are so affordable, you don’t even have to worry about price!

SiNERGEX PureSine inverters are the worry-free solution for affordably powering and protecting your 21st century ‘sharing’ equipment from your car, small boat, 4WD or caravan.

Need help deciding if you need a modified inverter or a pure sine inverter? Want to watch a video that explains more about SiNERGEX PureSine inverters? Interested in modified inverter solutions, too? Check out

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