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If your better half needs her smartphone and you have to fire up the tablet to keep the grandkids entertained, how are you also supposed to keep the fridge up and running so you’re guaranteed a cold one once you reach your destination? With so many 12V devices competing for the attention of your dashboard outlet these days, things can get a bit crowded up front. Thankfully, DC distribution panels from Baintech are here to help spread the power.

Smart, affordable and pre-wired for easy DIY installation, Baintech distribution panels mount flush with your dash to provide multiple sockets for powering and charging different devices at once. All Baintech distribution panels are equipped with circuit protection and 20A resettable breakers as a safety precaution. An inbuilt voltmeter makes it easy to keep an eye on system voltage and individual on/off switches puts you in control of each socket independently. Keep everybody charged up and happy on your next trip by installing a DC distribution panel from Baintech today.


Watch our video below to find the right Baintech DC distribution panel for you and watch a video demonstration to see just how easy they are to install!

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