Sterling Pro Batt Ultra Battery to Battery Charger 24V 24V 35A

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STERLING Dc Dc Charger – Pro Batt Ultra for commercial vehicle or marine application
Battery to Battery Charger – 4 stage battery charging. The B2B charges batteries between 5-20 times faster than a standalone alternator.
DC Powered Smart Charger, perfect for smart charging your auxiliary battery bank in a Work Truck, Camper or Ford Transit van, Doesn’t have the limitations of a traditional relay.

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24v input at up to 35 amps and output is 24v at up to 35amps.

Simply connect in between a starting battery and house bank and any time the vehicle’s alternator is running this smart charger will smart charge the output bank.

Pre-set Charge Profiles and one user customizable battery charging profile available.
No risk of starter battery discharge. Current is NOT taken from the input battery and given to the output battery except during the low voltage timer for regenerative braking mode. This time frame can be increased in length or brought down to 0 seconds.
Includes battery temp sensor 10m cable
Regenerative braking / smart alternator mode can operate without an ignition feed
The pro batt ultra is a DC DC charger that is installed between a battery bank which is being charged (typically a starter battery being charged by an alternator/battery charger) and a battery bank that you wish to charge (auxiliary / house / bow thruster.)The charger provides a 5 stage charging profile to these output batteries.
• DC DC Charging (Shore power AC not required) – charges when moving
• Allows user to have full control over the output voltage (higher or lower than the input)
• 8 Battery Type selection including: Lead acid, gel,AGM, sealed lead acid, LiFePO4
• De-sulphation/Equalization mode
• Thermally controlled fan cooling
• Night mode (fan noise reduction)
• Remote battery temperature sensor

DC V (In) DC V (Out) Amps In Weight Kg L x W x D mm Part Number
24 24 35 1.4 190 x 160 x 90 BB242435

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