CTEK PRO120 Professional 120AMP – 12V Battery Charger


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The CTEK PRO120 is an innovative and highly efficient 120a battery charger and power supply unit, that’s designed to meet charging and diagnostic demands required for today’s workshops. With its cutting edge design and state of the art features, it’s the perfect solution for all battery technologies including Lithium LifePO4.



The CTEK PRO120 Professional 120AMP unique patent applied for Adaptive Charging mode automatically recognises the size of the battery and selects the optimum charging settings for the fastest charge – making operation quicker and easier than ever.

In Supply mode, the CTEK PRO120 Professional 120AMP Delivers 120A of power, even at 13.8V, to support uninterrupted flashing and diagnostic procedures, enabling these procedures to be completed within the standard time set by Mercedes. It features market-leading Resonance Converter charging technology for rapid response to any changes in power demands, so the PRO120 can meet the exact, changing current needs during flashing and diagnostic procedures. Workshops can avoid stalling of the process and/or damage to vehicle components by using the PRO120.



Leaders in Power Product Solutions…

With more than 30-years of experience in DC and AC Power Product Solutions, Bainbridge Technologies are the leaders in innovative 12V power solutions for leisure auto markets (4WDs, camper trailers, caravans/recreational vehicles, and boats). As an Australian owned and operated company, Bainbridge Technologies are passionate about the great outdoors and creating more good times for Australians.

Bainbridge Technologies offer the largest range of high quality and reliable product solutions in Australia; including battery chargers, lithium batteries, solar power, inverters, inverter chargers, sockets, panels, meters, 12-volt accessories, and more. Distributing world-class products, ranging from Baintech, CTEK, Victron, and Sterling to name a few.

Today, Bainbridge Technologies’ primary focus is to continually innovate and create integrated, powerful, and reliable power management systems to provide business customers and consumers with complete power solutions. Widely considered to be Australia’s leading experts in the field.

Why Bainbridge Technologies is Australia’s leading Power Product Experts…

Supporting business partners with innovative power solutions that help overcome the economic, and competitive environments in which they operate, Bainbridge Technologies are the trusted name in 12 volt and power product solutions.

Expanding significantly into lithium battery systems, Bainbridge Technologies offers an extensive range of 12v, 24v, and 48v lithium battery systems to suit Automotive, Marine, Caravan, and Commercial applications.

With an expert sales team at the helm, Bainbridge Technologies’ highly qualified, multidisciplinary team is here to help you or your business.

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