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The Baintech PowerTop tray is custom designed to secure your PowerTop version 1 – 3.



Baintech’s new PowerTop tray is tough, durable and long-lasting – designed to survive off-road adventuring anywhere in our country’s wide-ranging terrain; they’re strong enough keep your PowerTop in place no matter how rough and ready your driving is; and they’re zinc plated – so they’ll resist corrosion even in the wettest, saltiest environments.


Kit Includes:

  • Tray
  • Bolt Kit
  • Install instructions (Install time approx: 1.5hr)


To suit Baintech PowerTop (V1-V3) Auxiliary battery tray to allow mechanical restraint of Baintech Power Top and consists of:

  • 1 X electroplated tray with 6 counter sunk fixing points
  • 2 X J bolts with 2 wing nuts to suit
  • 1 X Top mount with one end trimmed to clear sockets

Fix tray in chosen location using counter sunk bolts (not supplied) of suitable length.
Ensure heads of bolts do not protrude into tray, to avoid damage to Baintech Powertop battery.
Ideally use all 6 mounting holes to secure – if not at least 4.
Fit Baintech PowerTop and position top mount with cut ends closest to sockets, fit “J” bolts and clamp down.
It is the fitter’s responsibility to ensure tray is adequately secured.
The combination of battery and tray weigh 35Kg

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