Baintech Deep Cycle 36v/80A SP W’ 100A Output


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The Baintech Premium  36V 80Ah LiFEPO4 Battery is more than just a battery encased in a user-friendly design. It houses an upgraded lithium camping battery made up of prismatic cells that can store double the amount of energy compared to traditional cylindrical cells. With Baintech products, you’re sure to get sufficient power to run all your appliances smoothly whether you’re in a campsite or an RV.


  • Battery Energy – 3072Wh
  • Rated Voltage – 38.4V
  • Rated capacity – 80Ah
  • Max charge cvoltage – 43.8V
  • Cut-off voltage – 30V
  • Charge current- 40A
  • Continuous discharge current – 80A
  • Peak discharge current – 160A
  • Dimension – 525*270*220mm
  • Weight – 31.5kg


Built with the same outstanding features that all LiFEPO4 batteries have, it has a higher density and is safety-focused with additional features to help avoid the usual risks of operating a battery. This lithium deep cycle battery offers protection against overload, overheat, low voltage, and over-voltage. Aside from the upgraded user safety, your battery’s lifespan is extended as well so you get the most out it.


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Weight 31.5 kg
Dimensions 52.5 × 27 × 22 cm



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