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Quality Portable Jump Starters

Jump Starters! No one likes a flat battery! Whether you are en route to work or stuck at a campsite in your 4WD – flat batteries are inconvenient. Having a back up Jump Starter to quickly get you back on the road is the key.

Don’t get stuck with a flat battery again! The Baintech range of vehicle jump starters will get you out of trouble.

The Baintech BT18 best selling jump starter can be used as a power bank, jump starter, and torch. This powerful all in one unit is lightweight, compact, and the number one safety accessory any 4WDer should own.

Using new jump-starting technology, the BTCAP Capacitor jump starter is a powerful jump starter perfect for 4WDs or workshops.

The Baintech Jump Starter Ultra Capacitor utilises the remaining voltage of your car battery to transfer charge into the Capacitor Jump Starter to generate power to then jump start the vehicle. Simply connect the ultra-capacitor to your car battery, once connected the capacitor display screen will display your car battery voltage. The screen will then read ‘Jump Start Ready’ if your flat battery is still above 5V. If unable to use voltage from your car battery (below 5V), the ultra-capacitor has a small lithium backup battery reserve to assist in jump starting your vehicle.

Meters and Monitors for every 4WD, Caravan, or Camper Trailer. Knowing the health of your batteries when you are travelling of grid is crucial. When you are relying on battery power, it’s important to know the health and state of your batteries. With Baintech battery monitoring solutions, you can be sure to know the status of your power system.

Baintech have a wide range of battery meters available, including:

  • Amp Meters
  • Watt Meters
  • Volt Meters
  • Dual Battery Monitors