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Battery Meters & Monitors

From the Kimberly to Fraser Island, it doesn’t matter if you’re long range touring, or taking a weekend break, a flat or deeply discharged battery will ruin your plans and hit your back pocket.

By monitoring your power use you can easily avoid the hassle of a drained battery. From simple and inexpensive DC 12V Meters to Volt/Amp Meters or a battery monitor with all the bells and whistles, there’s plenty of options to suit your needs and price tag.

Bainbridge Technologies has Australia’s largest range of battery meters and monitors: single meters, double meters, surface and flush mount, even embedded in power panels to give you the versatility of sockets. But, where should you start?

A DC 12V Volt Meter will give you an accurate reading of the current voltage on your battery. If you want an inexpensive, easy-to-install option, this is the one to choose. Look for a Volt Meter that offers a big, bright and easy-to-read LED display, such as the Baintech LED DC Volt Meter Rectangle. Features such as these mean you will have no dramas monitoring your battery’s power load. Another couple of features that go a long way to ensuring you maintain control is a built-in low voltage alarm, which alerts you to poor battery performance and reverse polarity protection which helps prevent damaging your gear. Features like this can be seen in products such as the Baintech Surface/Flush Mount LCD DC Volt Meter.

For a more versatile meter you can consider Volt and Amp Meters such as the Baintech Volt and Amp Meter. These give you a flexible range of combinations to choose from – Volt/Amp, Volt/Volt and Amp/Amp – which means finding one to suit your needs is no problem. They also monitor12 or 24 volts and have a compact surface mount design that provides a two line LCD 3 digital display with an on/off back light.

If you want to remove all guesswork from the picture, then a top of the line monitor that’s packed with features can be the ultimate battery monitor and the best option to suit your needs.

High-end monitors such as the VICTRON BMV 700 are driven by powerful microprocessors and super-accurate shunt technology, and deliver precision monitoring using a simple push button display. If you’re running lights, fridges or a compressor off your battery, these high-end monitors place incredibly useful information at your fingertips. A “fuel gauge” status bar shows your remaining power, while a “power measurement” function (voltage times current) instantly calculates watts. With a high end monitor, you no longer have to manually determine your power use, so it’s easy to assess the load on your system and prevent harmful battery discharge or failure.

If you want to take care of your batteries, extend their lifetime and save money investing in a meter or monitor as part of your system is undoubtedly the way to go.

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