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Fixed, blankets, or flexible! There are plenty to choose from. The main thing to consider in how many amps your solar will produce. You want to be putting in more amps than what you are drawing out. Because weather conditions can change, you will want a secondary charging option.

Baintech offers two types of foldable solar blankets, 120 Watt and 180 Watt. They’re becoming increasingly popular with 4WD and Caravan owners. The big benefits of folding solar vs. fixed solar panels. 

  1. COMPACT: Store your folding blanket in your rear drawers or even under the seat. Folding down to the size of a newspaper, the solar blanket doesn’t take up valuable space in your vehicle!
  2. LIGHTWEIGHT: Solar blankets are incredibly lightweight. Our 180w solar blanket for example weighs in at just 5kg! Compared to your traditional folding panels there is a significant weight difference. This can be a crucial deciding factor for caravans and 4WDs where weight limits are enforced.
  3. HIGH YIELDING: Quality blankets, like our 120w and 180w Baintech Folding Solar Blankets – are made from the most efficient and high yielding SunPower Monocrystalline Solar Cells.
  4. VERSATILE: Mount on your roof rack, roll out at camp, place it on your awning, or windscreen. Where you position your solar blanket is virtually unlimited! Chase the sun and place it where you can achieve the best yield and sunstrike for optimal solar output.
  5. DURABLE: There’s a reason why we’ve called our 180w blanket the Baintuff 180w Blanket. Folding solar blankets are far more durable than your glass folding panels.


With more than 30-years of experience in DC and AC Power Product Solutions, Bainbridge Technologies are the leaders in innovative 12V power solutions for leisure auto markets (4WDs, camper trailers, caravans/recreational vehicles, and boats).

As an Australian owned and operated company, Bainbridge Technologies are passionate about the great outdoors and creating more good times for Australians.

Bainbridge Technologies offer the largest range of high quality and reliable product solutions in Australia; including battery chargers, lithium batteries, solar power, inverters, inverter chargers, sockets, panels, meters, 12-volt accessories, and more. Distributing world-class products, ranging from Baintech, CTEK, Victron, and Sterling to name a few.

30 years on, Bainbridge Technologies’ primary focus is to continually innovate and create integrated, powerful, and reliable power management systems

Speak to the team today about your power needs.

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