Gone are the days of the traditional eskies full of ice, and parents yelling at their kids to “Hurry up and shut the esky lid!”. With more 4wders and campers opting for 12v fridges, we’ve got the solutions to common problems 4wders face when it comes to your fridge set up.

Baintuff 180w solar blanket


If you are after a simple plug and play solution to power your fridge – the Baintech PowerTop will keep your essentials running, without the fuss and cost of installing a dual battery set up. The PowerTop is a complete portable power source built on a 135ah battery. Featuring multiple input and output sockets, including two Engel and Ciga sockets to directly connect your fridge. If you plan to run your fridge for a greater length of time, you’ll need to pair the PowerTop with an adequate charging source to keep the 135ah battery in top condition.

Baintuff 180w solar blanket
Baintuff 180w solar blanket


By adding a solar source to charge the PowerTop you can charge on the move – by either by fixed solar panels on your roof, via alternator charging or while set up at camp by using the Baintuff 180w solar blanket. With both regulated and unregulated solar Anderson plug inputs, it’s as simple as plug and play. The PowerTop has a built-in solar regulator that will prevent the PowerTop 135ah Battery from overcharging.

Baintuff 180w solar blanket
Baintuff 180w solar blanket


The biggest question I receive about the PowerTop is – how long will it run my fridge for? The biggest thing to remember is your PowerTop battery, like any other battery – should only be used to 50% depth of discharge (D.O.D). Meaning when calculating your PowerTop’s useable power, you should base your calculations off half the batteries amp hours.


If your fridge is drawing 1amp then the PowerTop’s 135AH battery will be able to run for 67 hours. Basic calculation method 135AH battery / 2 = 67.5AH of available capacity (67.5AH / 1amp draw = 67.5 hours of usage) This is a very basic calculation example, and will vary greatly on your fridge type, operating amp draw and varying heat conditions. Remember, it’s best practice to keep your battery topped up, by putting more in than you are drawing out. I always recommend testing out your gear on a short trip for the most accurate calculations, this will avoid major issues when you’re off grid in a remote location.


The PowerTop has a built-in volt meter, with warning alarm that notifies you of low voltage levels. This built in alarm is designed to prevent you from drawing current from the battery once the voltage drops below the ideal minimum level. A well-maintained battery will last you through a greater amount of cycles than a battery that is misused and continuously discharged below 50%.

For information on wiring your PowerTop via DC-DC or Alternator CLICK HERE

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  1. Hi Helen,
    Yes it can – however it needs to meet the following:
    The generator has to be able to deliver 150 watts or more to run the Powertop, at 230 volts Ac at 50 hertz.
    If the generator has a 12 volt charging socket, then it will work through a Dc-Dc charger into the Grey anderson socket. That 12 volt port must be able to supply around 20 amps or more.

  2. Hi Ross, if you give the team a call on 1300 224 683 they will be able to trouble shoot any issues with you.

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