Powerful Protection for the competitive edge

As an Australian RV manufacturer, you have a longstanding reputation to protect: quality, reliability, robustness and advanced technology. Now more than ever – with home-away-from-home power needs growing and free camping on the rise – Australian adventurers need you to uphold your reputation with a battery management solution that delivers the unswerving power and efficiency they need.

Bainbridge Technologies, Australia’s power systems experts for over 25 years, helps you gain a competitive edge with the international award-winning Sterling Power Pro Charge Ultra – the ultimate battery charger for powering one, two or three batteries or battery banks. The ideal solution for powering heavy-duty battery banks and free camping; the Pro Charge Ultra features:

Ultra efficiency: This charger’s innovative ‘power factor correction’ increases the efficiency of the PCU from about 65% (typical non-power-factor-corrected charger) to greater than 90% efficiency! That means it needs less power input to charge.

Diverse installation options: Compact, lightweight and quiet (with a noise reducing variable fan), you can locate this unobtrusive battery system almost anywhere. With space and weight at a premium in RVs, as adventurers take more and more away with them, you can help your customers solve the problem of too much weight and too little space.

Control: Featuring a 32 LED panel, 2 digital meters for current and voltage, a power meter to show what power’s left and an optional remote control, your customers will get the information they need to stay powered up wherever they are.

Versatility: With pre-programmed settings for 11 types of batteries, your customers can use the battery type – open lead acid, sealed lead acid, AGM, GEL, Lithium LiFePO4, calcium and more – that best suits their needs. Available in 20, 30, 50 and 60 amp (12v) as well as 20 and 30 amp (24v), there’s a solution for every customer.

Dependability: Automatic shut-off in the event of a processor failure, splash proof with IP22 protection, non-ferrous or heavily protected metal to avoid corrosion and a massive input range (90-270v, 40-70Hz) give your customers robustness, safety and security they can trust.

Cost savings: Automatic desulphation and anti-stratification program every 7-10 days keep your customers’ batteries in ultimate condition for the longest amount of time, saving them money on expensive battery replacements. The 2 year warranty gives them peace of mind, too.

Bainbridge Technologies supports your competitive advantage with expert battery management system designs, a full in-house warranty repair workshop and technical hotline and a Key Dealer Network delivering nation-wide specialist support and product availability.

Watch our video to learn more about the Sterling Power Pro Charge Ultra or contact our technical team to design a power system for your vehicles.

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