Power up your winch with these essential 12v solutions

Dual Battery Kit

Adding a winch to your 4WD will keep you and your mates out of trouble on your next big adventure. But you’re going to need to amp up your power system first!


Take your 12V power system to the next level with a dual battery system such as the Baintech 160A Dual Battery Kit, CTEK D250S Dual or the CTEK 20Amp or 100Amp charging system and get enough power to keep the good times rolling … and rolling.

A power hungry winch puts even more demands on your system, and one sticky situation could quickly lead to another if you haven’t got the power to keep moving once you pull your rig out of trouble, leaving you stranded with a flat battery! But a decent dual battery system with a bit of smarts in battery care at home is all it takes to keep the good times rolling.


Adding an auxiliary battery is not just about keeping camp site essentials and electronics powered. Fuel efficient tech in newer 4WDs can mean your start battery is never fully recharged when you drive. Increasing the power workload with a winch could easily tip the energy balance into the red. Checking battery power is as crucial as tracking fuel levels and on serious adventures a decent monitor is essential to stop your dream trip quickly turning into a nightmare. The Victron BMV702 is a smart, simple-to-use battery monitor that gives you precision information about the state of your batteries. The ‘fuel gauge’ status bar shows you remaining power levels, and a programmable voltage alarm that you can see – and hear – tells you when levels are critically low. A charge/discharge display and a power measurement function lets you assess load and quickly take action.


Without decent battery care at home, a deeply discharged or flat battery could quickly ruin your next extreme adventure before you’ve even filled up the beer fridge. Pull up and plug in after every adventure with the Victron Blue Power IP65 15A Charger. This automatic AC charger is a robust, waterproof, dustproof unit that will keep your batteries fully charged and ready to power your next adventure, or your daily drive. Get safe, reliable power and performance that lasts as long as every decent battery should. And with battery care like this you won’t be putting your hand in your pocket for a new one any time soon. Head to the Baintech shop and check out our latest video on powering up and monitoring your batteries on your next 4WD adventure.

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