Power! Can your business afford to be without it?

Our modern power landscape is changing! Increased storm activity, aging energy infrastructure and electricity demand outstripping supply, means we are likely to experience more power black outs. As a business owner every minute you are without power can cost you thousands of dollars in lost productivity and sales.

When power fails your business stops. Your phone and computer systems stop, your staff will stop working and it may even stop you from serving your customers. Not to mention stopping you from transacting sales! With storm season approaching you need a business continuity tool you can rely on, so you can continue business.

Protect your power and your profits with Baintech Black Out Buster. Providing emergency power for 6 to 12 hours using a battery storage system, B.O.B helps you continue business when the power goes down. So you can continue using your phone, your staff can continue to be productive, you can continue to keep your customers happy and transact sales.

B.O.B has been created by Bainbridge Technologies, the Power Systems Experts with 25 years’ experience in small storage systems. B.O.B is a fully automatic system that reliably detects power outages and switches to offgrid power in under 15 milliseconds – protecting even the most sensitive equipment and safeguarding computer data.

Watch our video at www.blackoutbuster.com.au to see how B.O.B can help you continue business.

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