Create your own portable battery pack to power up your winter escape.

Planning a winter getaway? Sometimes, you want to run your lights, fridge and 12V shower pump without being tied to your 4WD.  To deliver reliable power anywhere on your campsite, you need to create a portable auxiliary battery pack. This will let you remove the battery from your vehicle, set up camp with ease, loan it to a mate for his next trip, or simply store it in the garage for extra space.


By creating your own battery pack, you can choose the battery and accessories best suited to your power needs and budget. Bainbridge Technologies’ team of Power Systems Experts have put together an example to demonstrate just how easy it is for you to build a DIY portable auxiliary battery pack.  

This example system includes a Baintech 160 Amp Dual Battery Kit (RRP $119.00), a Baintech Power Battery Box (RRP $79.00) and two Anderson Plugs (RRP $18.25) plus a battery of your choice.

 The Baintech 160 Amp Voltage Control Relay is powerful (160 amp continuous operation) tough and IP68 Water proof .The intelligent VCR prioritises the charging of your start battery before allowing power to flow through your auxiliary battery.

Protect the battery from the elements, with the tough and cost effective, Baintech Power Battery Box, an all-in-one solution with an led voltage indicator, external lugs for connecting a regulated solar panel or battery charger, a cigarette style accessories socket, a 20 amp circuit breaker,carry handle and strap.

Create your own portable auxiliary battery pack to power up the good times ready for your winter escape. Learn more by watching our video below

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