Plug in and power up and stay warm in winter

Whale watch on Australia’s eastern coastline. Explore the Hunter Valley. Take a short break to Tassy. Your Winter adventure is calling. Now is the time to prepare. Don’t waste your holiday juggling appliances. Install a heavy duty inverter charger in your RV with the clout to power up the good times. It will allow you to run appliances like the microwave, toaster, fridge, freezer and lights simultaneously. The Victron Phoenix Multiplus from Bainbridge Technologies will give your power a serious boost.

Built for every destination, the reliable Victron Phoenix Multiplus delivers uninterrupted power; it automatically switches between generator/mains and inverter – with no interruption to your energy supply. It’s a sophisticated sinewave inverter, battery charger and power transfer switch all in one compact unit. When you’re away from mains, it makes power as simple as flicking a switch.

Boost your power near the beach! You are likely to encounter some unpowered sites, whale watching on the eastern seaboard. With the Victron Phoenix Multiplus you can boost your generator power and keep your appliances running smoothly. No unplugging the toaster to boil the jug! This power boost allows you to use a smaller, lighter generator – that means a lower upfront cost, less fuel consumption and less pollution.

Monitor your batteries and make room through the heart of the Hunter Valley! If you plan to hop off the New England Highway, you’ll need somewhere to store that wine! The Victron Multiplus is the perfect, compact all-in-one solution to automatically monitor and charge your batteries, keeping them in optimum condition and saving you money on replacements. It makes the best use of minimal space; looking after your batteries when you’re not on the road (simply connect to mains power for maintenance charging) and giving you the convenience of 240V when you need it.

Stay warm with seamless power transition across the Tasman! From Cradle Mountain to Wineglass Bay, the scenery is diverse, but so is the weather! If your mains power is interrupted on your trip, your Victron MultiPlus will automatically switch to inverter mode – and back again when the power is restored – so quickly your appliances won’t even flicker.

If you’re serious about having reliable, uninterrupted power, for your RV getaway, ask Bainbridge Technologies’ “Total Power Systems Experts”, about the Victron Phoenix Multiplus.


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