“Plug and Play” on any adventure

Adventurers in today’s world have serious toys to take on the road: computers, mobile phones, GPSs, lights, even fridges. The problem is, not all vehicles have the right plugs for your appliances and toys.

Baintech introduces an easy and inexpensive solution: the Plugger. This combo pack of 2 plugs –  Merit and Ciga – lets you “plug and play” any appliance or toy into any socket of any car, 4WD, RV or boat.

The best thing about the Plugger is it connects all your plugs with a connector, which is secure and robust, and unlikely to fall out. You just cut the existing connector off your 12 v appliance or toy and connect the wires to the back of the new Plugger 3 Engel connector. Then if you want to plug into a Merit socket or a Ciga socket, just screw on the matching Plugger  connection, plug in your appliance ortoy, and away you go!

Tthe Baintech’s Plugger gives you affordable versatility to take any appliance or toy on any adventure in any vehicle.

Baintech also offers a full range of sockets to suit these plugs so you can match to fit!

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