Our Favourite 5 South East QLD 4WD Destinations

Here at Bainbridge Technologies we are passionate about the Good Times. So we’ve compiled a list of our Favourite 5 South East QLD 4WD Destinations, to help you find the best place for your next Good Times adventure.

To ensure you can always enjoy the Good Times you should always make sure the track you drive on is legal. This could be as simple as purchasing a permit for certain areas, or checking with the local authority that the area is open to recreational Four Wheel Drive use. If you are not sure, check with a local Four Wheel Drive club.

5. Condamine ‘14 River crossings’

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The Condamine River crossings are a fantastic scenic drive for the novice 4WDer. Approximately 2 hours south of Brisbane, starting at Boonah the track follows the gorge along the river and out to Killarney. Aptly named the track involves 14 river crossings – which means it’s only accessible by 4WD – and loads of scenic forest walks and historical stories.

If you are going to take on the Condamine 14 River Crossings, make sure you check the water levels at the Warwick visitor centre – rain can swell the rivers and they can vary between 10cm up the wheel to over the bonnet!

Best Spots

  • Queen Mary Falls – Stunning 40m plunge waterfall with a nearby Campground
  • Carrs Lookout – about 14km past Queen Mary Falls the lookout provides spectacular views of the great divide

4. Springbrook Host Farm

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Springbrook is a 2500 acre cattle property about 3 hours from Brisbane, which offers some great 4WDing and bush tracks. A family run cattle farm, it offers some beautiful scenery and the chance to see some wildlife. There are dams for swimming, horses to ride and a range of custom built 4WD tracks which range from very easy to pretty challenging – one of which has only been beaten once!

The hosts are lovely and offer some accommodation inside the homestead as well as self-contained camping.

  • Old Logging tracks – old roads used for logging which can make for some great 4WDing
  • Vineyards – There are loads of local vineyards in the area, a great place to take a break

3. Moreton Island

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Located on the Eastern side of Moreton Bay, the eastern side of Moreton Island is a great 4WD trek and runs for 38 km from the rocky North Point down to sandy Reeders Point. In between you’ll hit the rocks of the cape, then a 31 km high energy, east facing beach that reaches from the south side of the cape down to the beginning of the South Passage.

Moreton Island is only a 75 minute ferry ride out of Brisbane, and you can explore most of the spots in just one day. But it’s definitely worth a longer trip.
Best Spots

  • Tangalooma Wrecks  – Old rusting  hulls of long wrecked ships make for some great photos(
  • World War Relics – As one of Australia’s major coastal defence bases during the war Moreton Island has a range of old military buildings, forts and gun placements
  • The Big & Little Sandhills – Not only do these hills give you an amazing view, but you can also enjoy a toboggan ride back
  • Bulwer Beaches – This white sandy beach offers crystal  clear blue water, safe swimming and good fishing

2. Lamington National Park

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Rugged Mountain Scenery, tumbling waterfalls, rainforests, caves, creeks and some of the best bushwalking in QLD, Lamington National Park has it all! A great area to go 4WDing with your family, about 2 hours south of Brisbane and 8km north of Tansey, Lamington National Park has campground with amenities (hot showers and toilets) and offers some stunning natural views and wildlife – including rare and threatened animals.

The park has more than 150 km of clearly marked walks which were constructed during the Great Depression, and range between short jaunts and up to seven hour walks.

Best Spots

  • Duck Creek Road – Dirt 4WD only track which is a great alternative to the bitumen road
  • Elabana Falls – Stunning cascade waterfall
  • Tree top Walk – Suspended 15 metres (49 ft) above the ground walk above the canopy

1. Fraser Island

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Fraser Island is located just off the coast of Maryborough, and is a 4WDers dream. With tracks which are only suitable for high clearance 4WD vehicles with low range capacity. Fraser Island is the world’s largest sand island, and was listed as a World Heritage Area in 1992. The island is 123km long with a whole host of beautiful natural sights and wildlife to see so it’s worth giving yourself a good amount of time to enjoy it.

There are a whole host of camping areas available on the island, including formal camping areas, informal beach camping zones and walker camps.

Best spots

  • Lake Boomanjin – The largest perched lake in the world almost 200ha
  • Central Station -A great place to start some of the best rainforest walks
  • Kingfisher Bay – Stunning views across the Great Sandy Strait
  • Eli Creek Crystal clear fresh water creek filled with wildlife
  • Wungul Sandblow -expansive coastline views from the first dune crest of this sandblow

No matter where you go, when you leave the bitumen roads behind and enjoy the good times, you need to make sure you’ve got enough power to run your gear and get back safely. Investing in a solid DC to DC power system – such as the Baintech Dual Battery Kit, or CTEK D250S Dual, will ensure you get the most out of your batteries and will help you keep up with the demands of providing the wife a hot shower, the kids their iPads and your mates a cool beer.

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