No more dead batteries to kill the fun

You’re finally ready to go. Your boat’s in the water; your esky is loaded; the kids are seated with their life vests on. You smile to yourself, and ….wrrrrr…click click…wrrr…nothing. You try again. Nothing.

Don’t let this happen to you.

Seasonally used pleasure boats like small crafts and jet skis are often stored for long periods of time. When they’re taken out for use, their owners are shocked by flat batteries. Batteries that haven’t been connected to chargers have self-discharged and become flat; batteries that have been connected to “cheap” chargers have become over-charged and damaged.

CTEK’s innovative new M45 12V marine battery charger uses a patented ‘pulse maintenance’ technology to ensure your battery is optimally charged no matter how long your craft is stored. This smart charger automatically monitors battery voltage and releases the correct amount of charge. It senses when your battery is full and stops charging completely until the battery discharges enough to require more. Unlike ‘cheap’ or traditional chargers, you can leave it plugged in for long periods of time risk-free because when the battery is full no trickle charge continues to seep into it. That means you are never at risk of damaging your battery by overcharging.

Andrew Smith, General Manager of CTEK distributors Bainbridge Power Technologies, says “The new M45 is literally fool-proof. You can connect it to your boat or jet ski battery and simply walk away. No matter how long you leave it connected, it will never overcharge. That means your battery will perform more powerfully, last longer and always be ready to go when you are.”

The CTEK M45 is an ‘every day charger’ ideal for a variety of marine crafts. It features mode selections of low current for small 12V battery applications like jet skis, high current for batteries up to 120Ah and AGM for charging and maintaining Optima Red Top batteries.  

Simple and safe, the CTEK M45 is spark-free, short circuit proof and protected from reverse polarity. It is IP65 durable and water resistant and made specifically to not damage your boat’s metal components or electrical equipment.

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