Need to charge your camper trailer or RV battery while driving?

Bainbridge Technologies, experts in power systems for the RV market, have a solution.

Michael Tyrrell, Managing Director of Bainbridge Technologies, says “This is one of the most common questions we are asked at RV shows. We’ve reviewed the most widespread methods and found drawbacks to all of them.”

“Our system experts have developed an approach that eliminates the key shortcomings of the other methods. It provides the trailer battery with the appropriate level of power and also automatically cuts out at a preset level so it won’t drain the vehicle battery.”

The system starts with VCR, or Voltage Controlled Relay, which automatically parallels and disconnects the start and auxiliary batteries. The relay is closed and the vehicle and trailer batteries are paralleled, to a preset level, when the vehicle is on; the relay is opened and the two batteries are disconnected when the vehicle is off and the voltage is drawn down to a preset level.

The use of good quality, high amperage cables to join the batteries minimises voltage drop, and Anderson plugs, which provide great connection with minimum voltage loss and can carry large amperage, allow the cable to be detachable at the towbar.

Fire hazards are eliminated with circuit protection in the form of 50amp automatic reset circuit breakers in the positive lines on either side of the Anderson plugs. Little rubber “boots” slip over the breakers to insulate them from shorting.

Sound complicated? The system experts at Bainbridge technologies make it easy. For further explanation, contact Bainbridge Technologies.

* Please note that when charging any type of 12volt deep cycle battery from the tow vehicle you must have greater than 13.6 volts DC being generated to the auxiliary battery.

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