The newest trend in ciga sockets is the fresh, unobtrusive look of white. Designed to blend in against white coloured walls and panels in caravans, RVs, camper trailers and boats, white sockets are the newest ‘hot’ item for recreational vehicles.

Bainbridge Technologies is keeping up with the times by adding an all-new ‘white range’ of ciga sockets to what is already the largest range of sockets in Australia.

Your wife or girlfriend will love our new ‘white range’ sockets because they add a touch of class and style to your recreational vehicle. Manufacturers love the ‘Baintech white range’sockets because they enhance the sophistication of their vehicles which makes wives and girlfriends want to buy them!

The Baintech white range includes:

Get switched on to the most modern ciga sockets in the market today, Baintech’s new ‘white range’. Check out the largest range of sockets in Australia, including our fresh, new ‘white range’

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