More bang for your battery charger buck

Looking for a smart, versatile, automatic battery charger without a mammoth price tag? You can’t go past the SiNERGEX Nitro range. Compact, digital, 4 stage battery chargers, they switch between 6 and 12 volt charging at the touch of a button so you can power up your whole range of toys at an amazingly affordable price. These are tough little chargers, too, boasting IP65 weather proof construction that makes them perfect for maintaining outdoor vehicles like bikes, boats, jet skis and lawnmowers. These compact powerhouses don’t sacrifice safety for price; they feature anti-spark technology, reverse polarity protection and even temperature compensation.

Choose the SiNERGEX Nitro charger that’s right for you:

SiNERGEX Nitro 1000: A great maintenance charger for seasonal vehicles like bikes, boats and jetskis to keep them powered up and ready to go when you are. The Nitro 1000 charges sealed lead acid, AGM and maintenance free batteries up to 32 Amps.

SiNERGEX Nitro 3500: A versatile all-purpose battery charger suitable for a wide variety of vehicle batteries. It does all that the Nitro 1000 does, PLUS charges GEL batteries and is suitable for up to 75 Amps.

SiNERGEX Nitro 6000: A heavy duty charger that still has a small price tag. Perfect for a workshop, it charges sealed lead acid, AGM, GEL and maintenance free batteries up to 200Amps.

Don’t dig deep into your wallet to keep your good times going – just choose a versatile and affordable SiNERGEX Nitro battery charger. Watch our latest video to learn more about the Sinergex Nitro range

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