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Meters are instruments designed to measure and quantify various physical quantities, such as electricity consumption. They provide accurate and standardised measurements for monitoring and assessment purposes. Meters often include displays or indicators that show the measured values in a user-friendly format. Meters function by employing specific sensors or mechanisms that respond to changes in the physical quantity being measured. These changes are then converted into numerical readings that can be easily interpreted. For instance, a battery meter measures the remaining amount of charge or energy stored in a battery. It provides a visual or numerical representation of the battery’s current state of charge, allowing users to gauge how much power is available before the battery is depleted. This information is crucial for managing and planning the usage of devices powered by batteries, ensuring they are not unexpectedly left without power. Battery monitors are commonly used in applications that rely on battery systems, such as backup power systems, electric vehicles, renewable energy storage systems, and more. They provide valuable data for optimising battery usage, extending lifespan, and ensuring safe and reliable operation. Battery monitors, typically provide insightful information such as State of Charge (SoC), State of Health (SoH), voltage, current, temperature and cycle count.

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