Marine charging confidence with quality, reliability and water protection

When you moor your boat and walk away, you need confidence that your charger will do its job – power your bilge pump if necessary so your boat doesn’t sink; keep your batteries in optimal condition so you don’t need to replace them prematurely; ensure your boat is ready to get out on the water whenever you are.

Bainbridge Technologies is proud to bring you the Sterling Power Aquanautic Pro Sport Waterproof range of marine chargers that lets you walk away with confidence.

The Aquanautic PSP 12203 is the top of the range, 20 amp, automatic, 4 stage maintenance charger that savvy boaters use for peace of mind.  It charges, conditions and maintains with three adjustable charge profiles to charge lead acid, open, sealed, AGM, Gel and/or Calcium batteries.

These are the top 5 reasons why savvy boaters trust the Aquanautic PSP 12203 – and why you can too:

1.       Quality and reliability

You need to know your charger will reliably work when you moor your boat and walk away.  The high quality Aquanautic PSP 12203 gives you confidence that your batteries will be reliably cared for – your bilge pump will work, your boat won’t sink or burst into flames, and you won’t unexpectedly not be able to power up your next trip away.

2.       Water protection

Moisture is always present in boats, so even if it’s installed away from water, a battery charger must be waterproof.  The Aquanautic PSP 12203 is IP68 rated, making it waterproof in salt and fresh water.  It has an aluminium casing and the charger is fitted with gold plated terminals to prevent rust build up.

3.       Versatility

You want your charger to meet your battery needs – whatever they are and wherever you are.   The Aquanautic PSP 12203 makes it easy; it’s lightweight, with three outputs for up to three battery banks, configurable for 12v, 24v and even 36v batteries.  It can travel the world with you as it’s capable of handling both 110V and 230V A/C, with a frequency range of 40-70Hz.

4.       Performance

You want to know your boat will always be ready to drive away when you are.  The Aquanautic PSP 12203 charges, conditions and maintains to maximise the performance of your batteries.  It includes ‘float/maintenance mode’ to maintain batteries when not in use, and it features ‘condition mode’ to dissolve lead sulphate crystal build up and improve the battery capacity and lifespan


5.       Safe

Faulty chargers have been known to cause fires on boats.  The Aquanautic PSP 12203 includes reverse polarity, ignition protection plus an internal temperature sensor that reduces voltage if batteries get too hot and increases voltage if batteries get too cold. The 2 year warranty gives you ultimate peace of mind.

Not only does the Aquanautic PSP 12203 let you walk away with confidence when you moor your boat, it lets you motor away with confidence when you’re ready to hit the high seas.  And, it ensures your minimise your battery replacement spend by keeping your batteries in optimal condition – always.

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