Nothing kills the fun of a boating adventure more commonly – or faster - than dead batteries.

Good times and safety are both at risk when you lose power on the water. That doesn't mean you have to waste your time constantly checking your voltage, worrying about your charge or limiting your power usage, though. With the right power management system, you can enjoy stress-free boating no matter what your power requirements are.

Your power system will vary depending on a number of factors - including the size of your boat and the average length in between trips. When your boat spends the colder months in storage you'll need to invest in a reliable maintenance charger ensuring your batteries stay topped up and are ready to go out when you are, ensuring your trip isn't spoiled by dead batteries before it starts.

If you're a keen freshwater fisherman out chasing Bass, your tinnie is kitted out with 2 motors: a petrol start motor and a Minn Kota, Watersnake or other electric motor. Many saltwater sports fishermen are also now equipping themselves with electric motors to give themselves a fishing edge. As you trawl around following the fish from one prime fishing spot to another, you'll need a waterproof DC-DC charger to ensure that both your batteries stay charged up.

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