• STERLING DC to DC Charger 12V-12V

STERLING DC to DC Charger 12V-12V

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The STERLING DC to DC Charger is a simple and quick to install device that transforms the output of your alternator into a sophisticated multi stage battery charger resulting in faster and more complete charging of your battery bank.

Problems with a lack of charge in batteries are often tackled by throwing in another battery or two. In practice, however, this is likely to make things worse where the problem is probably down to an under-performing alternator. As they come, alternators are not good at charging batteries. In fact, they are very bad at charging batteries. To charge batteries quickly and fully requires a sophisticated characteristic that the regulator in a standard alternator does not provide.


The STERLING DC to DC Charger is compatible with any type of alternator and all electrical systems. And, as there is no requirement to modify the alternator, there are no warranty issues to be concerned with. The system is fully compatible with Canbus and modern ECU's so can be used with all makes and models of boat or vehicle

The STERLING DC to DC Charger 12V-12V range is available in 60A and 100A

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