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on Monday, 10 November 2014. Posted in Business, Leisure

The back of your 4WD can be a lot of different things. It's a tool box, a kitchen, the place where you plug in and start playing your favourite music the minute you get to camp. You can do a lot of living out of the rear of your 4WD but the more time you spend back there, the more power you're going to require to keep appliances like your fridge running and devices like your camera fully charged.


DIYer's Time Saving dream! DIYer's Time Saving dream!

on Thursday, 07 August 2014. Posted in Business, Leisure

New socket wiring kits from Baintech Technologies are a DIYer's dream – saving you time so you can get back to having fun and making it easier to access your power.

The pre-terminated cables are specially designed to suit Baintech's range of power sockets, including the Baintech Ciga, Engel and Merit sockets, so that you can easily power everything you need to take on your next adventure.


12V Tech Talk: Sockets and Outlets 12V Tech Talk: Sockets and Outlets

on Monday, 28 July 2014. Posted in Business, Leisure

It used to be that when you'd head away on a camping trip you'd take a swag, an esky and a torch. These days, especially if you're taking the family, things have changed. We camp in luxury taking loads of 12v devices, from phones that need charging via USB to 12v fridges and if you're really keen you can even purchase a 12v pie warmer or vacuum cleaner! So, how can you keep life easy and prevent the hassle of juggling all these electronic devices?


Stay connected in the great outdoors! Stay connected in the great outdoors!

on Tuesday, 01 April 2014. Posted in Business, Leisure

Do you need to stay connected? Are you constantly checking the battery status of your iPhone while enjoying the great outdoors? Can't bear to be without your modern gadgets in your 4WD, camper trailer, caravan or boat? Don't suffer battery drain! The new Baintech Universal USB Socket (Flush Mount) will keep your equipment charged - ready to use - when you're on the go!

Too many devices, not enough sockets? Too many devices, not enough sockets?

on Wednesday, 20 July 2011. Posted in Leisure

BAINTECH’s new dual DC Power Sockets solve the problem.

Bainbridge Technologies launched its range of BAINTECH Power Sockets in April this year, heralding in an era of dual socket convenience. No longer are RV adventurers limited to one or two single DC sockets to power the increasing number of appliances wanted on the road.

Fridges, lights, mobile phones, laptops, air pumps, portable DVD players, tire monitors, MP3 players, IPODS and more all compete for DC power sockets in today’s RVs. With BAINTECH’s new dual DC Power Sockets, mobile adventurers can run two devices at once without having to install two separate sockets.

Say goodbye to big, chunky power plugs Say goodbye to big, chunky power plugs

on Sunday, 05 June 2011. Posted in Leisure

We live in a mobile world. With our iPhones, iPads, iPods and other mobile computing devices, we can communicate wherever we go and bring our information with us anywhere. We're used to convenience, and the last thing we want is to be burdened with lugging around power plugs and looking for wall sockets to charge our devices.

More modern More modern

on Thursday, 24 March 2011. Posted in Leisure

The newest trend in ciga sockets is the fresh, unobtrusive look of white. Designed to blend in against white coloured walls and panels in caravans, RVs, camper trailers and boats, white sockets are the newest 'hot' item for recreational vehicles.

Bainbridge Technologies is keeping up with the times by adding an all-new 'white range' of ciga sockets to what is already the largest range of sockets in Australia.

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